Karrio Editions

Modernize you shipping tech stack with our open API.
Everything you need to integrate and automate shipping. For internal shipping operations or a dedicated shipping micro service for your project.
Single org/workspace
Unlimited shipments
Order fulfilment API
Document generation API
Community support
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Looking for a modern shipping infrastructure? Enterprise is perfect for brands and retailers that seeks ownership and control over their logistics operations.
All open-source features
Cloud or Self-hosted
Dedicated cloud in Europe, North America and Australia
Unlimited orgs/workspaces
30 users included (+ paid seats add-on)
Unlimited shipments
Team and permissions managment
Audit logging
SAML SSO (coming soon)
Extensive white labelling
Dedicated onboarding and engineering support
24/7 email, chat and phone support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? Here are some common questions we've been asked.
Can I use Karrio for free?

Yes, you can! The Karrio open-source edition is free to use and comes with an Apache 2 license.

What does limited or single org/workspace mean for OSS?

The Karrio open-source edition makes shipping integration easy and accessible to everyone by offering a universal multi-carrier shipping API and everything you need to integrate your shipping functionalities.

The multi-org/workspace feature helps manage multiple tenants, organizations and stores efficiently. We offer this as a value-added functionality in our platform and enterprise editions.

Can I use my own carrier accounts for shipping?

Yes! You can connect your own carrier accounts to Karrio and apply your negotiated rates. Unlike other platforms, Karrio empowers you with a cloud shipping infrastructure that gives you full ownership and control over your logistics operation. You bring your carrier relationship and associated accounts.

The fact is, Karrio's open standard comes with interoperability that allows you to get discounted shipping rates from existing 3PLs and Saas platforms that we are compatible with.

Can I switch from the Open-Source plan to Platform?

Yes, you can! We maintain the compatibility of the Platform API with Karrio OSS. All you need to take care of is data migration.

Can you help me build shipping features in my platform?

Integrating Karrio into any platform is easy. However, if you need help, we'll help you integrate shipping into your platform.

Just email us at: hello@karrio.io.

Can we deploy karrio for our clients projects?

If you are an agency or a freelancer building commerce or logistics solutions. Karrio makes it easier than ever to collaborate and build shipping functionalities, spin up instances for your customers or even deploy and monetize your multi-tenant shipping platform.

Just email us to learn more about our partnership program at: hello@karrio.io.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to send us an email at hello@karrio.io