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Solve logistics challenges with a shipping platform

Accelerate development, integrate with multiple carriers, and innovate quickly with a truly open and standardized shipping infrastructure.

Unified Multi-carrier shipping platform

A dedicated platform bringing a unified and intuitive shipping interface. A single integration giving access to a network of shipping carrier services.

Modern shipping infrastructure

A modern shipping platform that powers your access to features such as rate comparison, label generation and real-time tracking on any cloud.

Extensible carrier integrations

An underlining framework to facilitate the integration of shipping carrier services within hours instead of months.

Headless Shipping

Shipping enabled across industries and use cases.


Process fulfillments for eCommerce and Marketplace orders online and deliver a modern shopping experience for your customers on par with the new standards.


Regain control over your logistics operations by powering your order processing and supply chain management modules with a dedicated shipping platform.


Enhance your fulfillment capabilities with the power of automation through API and get direct access to carriers from your OMS, TMS, WMS and any other in-house systems.

Made for developers

The most advanced open source shipping platform.
No more painful in-house carrier API integrations. No more dependence and 3rd party and vendor lockin for your logistics and shipping integrations. We obsess over the right abstractions so your teams don’t have to, or spend months integrating shipping functionality. Create memorable fulfilment experiences and powerful extensions through Webhooks, REST and GraphQL API.
curl --request POST \
 --url https://api.karrio.io/v1/proxy/rates \
 --header 'Authorization: Token [API_KEY]' \
 --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
 --data '{
 "shipper": {
   "postal_code": "V6M2V9",
   "city": "Vancouver",
   "country_code": "CA",
   "state_code": "BC",
   "residential": true,
   "address_line1": "5840 Oak St"
 "recipient": {
   "postal_code": "E1C4Z8",
   "city": "Moncton",
   "country_code": "CA",
   "state_code": "NB",
   "residential": false,
   "address_line1": "125 Church St"
 "parcels": [{
   "weight": 1,
   "weight_unit": "KG",
   "package_preset": "canadapost_corrugated_small_box"
 "carrier_ids": ["canadapost"]

Build faster and focus on your products

Carriers Connections

Manage your shipping carriers accounts and APIs connections.

Tracking API

Retrieve real-time shipment tracking details.

Shipping API

Get live rates and buy labels from a network of carriers.

Address Validation

Ensure addresses are valid to avoid frustrations.

One platform - multiple carriers

Give your team a head start and deploy your dedicated shipping service.