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for platforms and enterprise

Karrio offers an open and unified shipping API for carrier integration and shipping automation.

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Solve logistics challenges

Karrio unifies shipping services under a standardized open API
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Accelerate development, and access a network of carriers with a single API. Onboard new carriers under a unified open interface.


Optimize fulfilment operations by programmatically syncing orders across systems and reduce manual entry errors.


Regain control and visibility over logistics operations and shipping spending. Achieve carrier, data and security compliance.


Seamlessly add built-in shipping functionalities to your platform. Improve merchants' experience, and monetize shipping.

Built for commerce platforms and enterprise

Common use case for Karrio

Karrio for Platforms

Shipping is a critical part of online commerce from order fulfilment to customer experience. Karrio lowers the barrier of entry for platforms to seamlessly integrate shipping functionalities and innovate.

Built-in shipping functionalities

Build shipping functionalities in your platform and empower merchants to create a memorable customer experience.

Post-purchase marketing

Leverage shipping data to automate and improve your marketing and create loyal customers.

Embedded shipping

Embed Karrio-powered components to extend your apps, 3PL, WMS, OMS, return logistics and Manufacturing platform.

Karrio for Enterprise

Karrio is designed to give full transparency and control to help retailers and businesses make the most of their carrier partnerships.

Custom logistics processes

Connect all the tools you use for logistics operations and build a process tailored to your needs

Compliance & data privacy

Regain control and choose your preferred deployment option to remain compliant.

Analytics & Reporting

Track shipping spending and carrier performances to drive data-driven optimization

Made for developers

The most advanced open-source shipping platform.
No more painful in-house carrier API integrations. No more dependence on 3rd party and Saas vendor lock-in for your logistics and shipping integrations. We obsess over the right abstractions so your teams don’t have to and won't spend months integrating shipping functionalities. Create memorable fulfillment experiences and powerful extensions through Webhooks, REST and GraphQL API.
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Next steps

Karrio provides shipping automation as a service, is free to get started, and has an in-place upgrade to the paid options.