Launch Week
March 2, 2024

Karrio dashboard updates

Hey, there here is the next issue our launch week is at this stage more like a launch month 🙂. This post will walk you through our updates to the Karrio dashboard to elevate shipping integration and logistics data accessibility for our users.

Karrio dashboard has a home page

If you are following Karrio's development or looking for a shipping integration solution, you are aware that beyond streamlining your operation, your shipping transactions are rich in very insightful data that could help you improve customer experience.

We have added a home page to your Karrio dashboard to give you an overview of your usage stats and shipping spending estimates.

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to insights you can draw from the shipping transactions. We have a reporting and advanced analytics tool on our Commercial Edition roadmap. Stay tuned for the upcoming Karrio analytics module.

In addition to the home page stats, we have also redesigned the developer's dashboard section with an overview of your API usage stats.

Embracing our technical audience

The API usage overview is part of a bigger design mindset aimed at making the Karrio dashboard’ more appealing to our technical users. We believe we can accomplish that by adding data-rich information about the API through logs but also offer an easier way to access the API documentation in the dashboard.

We have a renewed focus on our technical audience of software developers and tech-savvy data-driven logistics managers. In practice, that means adding an easier way for developers to navigate the data and API operations accessible on your Karrio’s Headless platform.

We have an embedded GraphQL sandbox powered by the familiar GraphiQL project. You can use it during custom development and shipping integrations to familiarize yourself with the shipping data accessible to you.

Bulk operations

We are leveraging more and more Karrio’s API in the dashboard to boost fulfillment workflows with bulk operations. It is now possible to do simple but useful actions like bulk-printing of labels, invoices and any custom documents designed in the document templates module.

More exciting, we are also shipping an advanced batch fulfillment workflow that can boost your back-office operation when it comes to creating labels for multiple orders or shipments at a time.

The Dashboard leverages Karrio’s scalable API to efficiently fetch and retrieve shipping rates for your order and prepare the necessary shipment objects for batch label creation.

You can make the necessary changes to each shipment based on your packaging strategy and refresh shipping rates. 

Once you are satisfied with your preferred shipping methods, you can trigger the Karrio batch API to queue and process shipping label creations in the background.

This functionality is still in advanced beta and we would love to hear your feedback to improve it.

Karrio Admin Console

We are also happy to introduce a more practical “Administration Console” to simplify the configuration of your Karrio dedicated tenant. While the built-in Django dashboard served us well in getting an out-of-the-box admin control over the domain models and onboard users, we have reached a point where we need a more custom and easier way to facilitate operations like team and permissions management, platform configuration, system carriers management and more…

We are still happy to hear your feedback and things that you think will help you manage your dedicated shipping instance.

What is next?

Thanks once again for reading through. In our next issue, we will give you a sneak peek into what we are building when it comes to logistics automation and Karrio Commercial Edition with some advanced features.

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