February 3, 2023

Office Hours

As we begin the new year, like everyone who wants to do better, we've got a list of things that we'd like to improve. As Karrio garners more attention, we've noticed shortcomings and obstacles to adoption. One of them is our documentation. No arguing that documentation is one of if not the most important drivers for adoption and product improvement. Not only does it help onboard new users and improve developers' experience, but it also helps answer and clarify the goal and direction of the project.

So shameful to say that we kinda dropped the ball on that one. That said, we are putting in routines and best practices to improve our documentation. Aside from ensuring docs are written as we release new features, we will host monthly office hours and QA sessions with live documentation updates.

During our live stream, you can check in, ask questions or seek clarification while we write documentation on our latest release and features. So pop in, and let’s discuss what's missing, what needs better clarification or what you need to know. 

We haven’t put enough effort into our documentation in the past. Help us improve it with your questions and input. Note that just like the codebase, the docs are also available on GitHub, so feel free to submit any contributions.

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We haven't put the necessary efforts into our documentation, we’ve put in place steps and measure to improve our resources. Once a month we will be holding office hours aka a live stream.


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