February 3, 2023


It started as a one-time gig, became a side project, and now it’s a team with a vision.

Karrio is on a mission to build an open-source shipping development kit that connects apps to a worldwide network of carriers. We offer a modern API that can evolve with your company’s tech stack, enable shipping for platforms and bridge the gap between shipping carriers and shippers. It is a unified interface that could stand as a standard for shipping data interchange.

Recent years have seen significant growth in online commerce, e-retails and digital markets. A shift that, unfortunately, has yet to be mirrored in the shipping industry. Riddled with arcane technologies and closed-source saas vendors, the current major shipping solutions often lack the essential finesse and flexibility necessary to drive digital innovation in this space. Even more so, carrier integration is often a painful experience mired in confusion and complexities that can divert your engineering resources and time from your main product. Karrio hopes to bring a fresh perspective with a suite of open-source tools that simplifies logistics and shipping operations. With the power of open-source, we aim to enable innovation and lower the barrier of entry by offering increased transparency, customization and control through a community built around our open API. 

Our Vision

Our choice of open-source as a distribution model makes it easy to test and adopt Karrio without being locked-in. Built as a modern shipping development kit, Karrio offers a better narrative regarding carrier integration. It is the first platform-focused multi-carrier shipping API that you can host on your infrastructure. With the rise of composable commerce, Karrio saves integration costs for platforms, offers a viable headless shipping option for enterprises and makes carrier diversification easier for retailers. 


Karrio is currently being used to process thousands of shipping transactions every day, and we are just getting started. Our aim so far has been to write a unified interface for carriers shipping API resources. We have focused on automating label generation and laying the foundation of a shipping development kit. Moving forward with the community's feedback, we will enrich package tracking data and empower developers to build apps extending Karrio's capabilities. We are on a quest to connect shippers to all the carriers in the world and to enable API-less carriers to use Karrio as their own API. Check out our public roadmap on GitHub for detailed milestones.

What’s Next?

Throughout the years, Karrio has evolved with the help of our community of early adopters, and we want to keep that going. Let us know if our roadmap aligns with your shipping needs. If not, we would love to hear from you and make the necessary adjustments.

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A shipping standard. That is the vision. With the growth of digital markets, Karrio aims to be the shipping solution that stands in the gap between arcane technologies and forward-thinking innovators.


We haven't put the necessary efforts into our documentation, we’ve put in place steps and measure to improve our resources. Once a month we will be holding office hours aka a live stream.


Saas providers offer limited integrations of the carrier’s capabilities. Karrio lets you build whatever you need–and keep your data on-premises.